Travellers Guide: Budapest Airport Transport to City Centre

Budapest is one of the most exciting cities in Eastern Europe, one that has plenty to offer for every traveller. There are plenty of historic sites to visit, as well as all modern amenities that one could think of. The biggest gateway to the city is its international airport. Thousands of people come and leave from there. Getting to the city from the airport is fairly easy as there are few very convenient options. Aside from the airport bus, taxi remains as the single most popular option.

The airport taxi Budapest is one of the most popular option. If you are not into buses and all that comes with them, then catching a taxi is your best bet to the city’s center. There are taxis around the clock that can get you anywhere to the city. However, many of the taxi drivers speak little to no English. So, communication may be an issue. Then there is the cost of the trip. In theory, a taxi ride from the airport to the city center should be around 26 € and it will take around half an hour. That’s assuming you find an English speaking driver that can agree to that price and won’t ask for more once you get there.

The alternative to this is welcome pickups, a service that seamlessly solves all those issues. They offer online booking, flat rates that remain fixed no matter the circumstances on the road to the city, an English speaking driver that will wait for you at your gateway exit, and a 24/7 customers support. The best part is that their rate is as same as equal as regular taxis. Plus, you can share the ride with a friend or someone you’ve met on the plane. That way the cost of the ride can go even lower.

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