Budapest Pub Crawl

Are you looking for a fun nightlife in Budapest? Budapest pub crawl is the most favorite night activity whenever you visit Budapest. You can invite your friends and partners to join the most unforgettable pub crawl during your day off in Budapest. Budapest is the paradise for those who want to get the real fun of nightlife. You can visit Free Pub Crawl Budapest website to know more about this amazing night tour in Budapest.


How to join Budapest Pub crawl?

Well, if you want to join this amazing night tour, you can actually contact the line number +36203575791 or just visit the Free Pub Crawl Budapest website for more information. Basically, you can register online despite registration is not a must. You have to enter your name, email address, number of participants, and the date just in case you want to reserve your spot online.

When and where to start the tour?

Well, the Free Pub Crawl Budapest always opens every night and it starts from 10 pm. The meeting point is at 1072 Budapest, Akácfa street 1-3 (at the Burger King at Blaha Lujza square). If you want to get to this meeting point, you can take Tram Line 4-6, Bus Lines 7-173, Metro Line 2, and just stop at Blaha Lujza Ter.

Is this Budapest tour really free?

Even though it says free Pub Crawl Budapest, it does not mean that it is totally free. Somehow, this Budapest night tour is just cheap which charges you between 10 Euro up to 15 Euro. So, it is important to check the price before you join this tour. It is a really fun night activity that you will never forget as you spend your vacation in Budapest.


Can you join this tour in groups?

It is a great idea to spend your night along with your friends on many occasions such as birthday, friendship meeting, sports team celebration and much more. Somehow, the number of participants in each group must be 8 and over. Somehow, you can choose between Power Hour Pub Crawl and regular Pub Crawl at affordable price. The Power Hour Pub Crawl costs about $19 Euro per person while the regular Pub Crawl is about 12 Euro per person.

The Power Hour Pub Crawl is the best choice,  because it offers some advantages among others English speaking guides, choose your schedule and decide the place, choose your favorite venues, first Bar shots, providing friendly, helpful, and local English speaking guide,  get unlimited beer, wide, and local spritzer “Macifröccs” for one hour at the second bar, no queue to enter a club.


Meanwhile, when you choose Regular Pub Crawl, you will get welcome shot, English speaking guide, flexible place and starting time, select the venue according to your wishes, no queues, join a city club, and much more. Now, it is your decision to pick the right plan for your wonderful night in Budapest. But, if you want to find more information about it, you can contact Free Pub Crawl Budapest phone number.

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