Gellert Baths

Gellert Bath is considered to be one of the most popular Art Nouveau thermal baths in Budapest and also in Europe. The bath was established in 1918 and this bath offers a magnificent and historical experience. The Bath is also known as the Palace of Baths and you can either visit the main hall free of charge or just spend the day relaxing in the baths



You are going to find 10 pools with varying sizes and temperatures in Gellert baths. The bath opens every day from 6 am to 8 pm even on public holidays. You should not miss the outdoor wave pool which is a perfect place to spend the summer months. It also houses numerous geothermal pools that are open to both men and women. You can also try out massage treatments at Gellert Spa Massage, visit the sauna, or go sunbathing in the terrace that overlooks the Gellert Hill.

If you are looking for fun things to do at Gellert baths, you can try out the open-air wave pool or wander around the bath where you will find 8 enchanting pools filled with naturally warm spring waters.

For relaxing experience, you can simply soak in the geothermal waters which comes from under the Gellert Hill all year round. You can also book a massage session so that you can enjoy the healing powers of the water.



The Gellert Bath spring waters were found in the 15th century and by 1920s thousands of tourists and visitors are already enjoying the natural powers of the geothermal waters. If you are a history lover, it is best if you wander around the elegant palace.

Things to know about Gellert Baths

Is the bath mixed or Coed?

Since 2013, both the indoor and outdoor pools can be shared by women and men every day of the year. During the summer period, the outdoor pools are open for all while the big wave pool is usually closed during October. You can visit the thermal fun pool during the wintertime unless the temperature is less than minus 5 degrees Celsius.

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Is this Baths family-friendly?

If you are lucky to visit Budapest during the summer months, the outdoor pools are open during this period. If you visit with kids during the winter months, you are going to find a big pool where children can swim as one end is 0.8m deep and the temperature is about 26 degrees Celsius. You should also ensure you bring floats along. You can also have fun with your kids at the wave pool outside but it is quite cool. The wave pools in Gellert bath is opened during the summer and early autumn.

The bath once has a special pool for toddlers and young children but it was sold and you are only going to find two outdoor pools in the thermal spa baths section. Gellert Bath is not particularly made for children under the age of 14 years and it is best if you head to Szechenyi Bath or the Aquaworld water theme park.

Opening hours of Gellert Baths

This bath is opened from 6 am to 8 pm which means it is not the best place to go if you want to try a late-night splash.



The bath price ticket ranges from HUF 4,900 to HUF 5,500 which makes it the most expensive thermal baths in the city. The bath ticket prices also vary based on numerous factors as it is more expensive during the weekend and the lockers are usually cheaper than cabins. You can buy the tickets online in Budapest Bath guide. You can check the prices that are affordable to you.

Gellert Bath also features cheaper tickets for children unlike the ticket price in Szenchenyi Baths. The kids can make use of the outdoor wave pool which is quite shallow at the edge. The ticket price for children bath is HUF 3,100 with a locker or HUF 3,300 with a cabin. To enjoy the cheapest price combination in the bath, it is best if you go on a weekday where you can buy a bath ticket with a locker.

You can also book for a private bath in advance for 2 people. This offers a mind-blowing experience where you will enjoy sparkling wine, fruit bowl for two with bath tickets also included in the price. The price of Gellert Private Bath for 2 people is 94 Euros.

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Dress code

It is compulsory to wear swimsuits. The best thing is that both men and women can enter the baths at the same time every day and everyone must wear a swimming suit. The bath does not allow nudity and you must wear a swim cap before you can swim in the swimming pool. This dressing code is not for the private bath as you are going to enjoy a romantic time with your loved ones.

Places to eat in Gellert Baths

The bathhouses a small café where you can try out a limited range of pancakes, sandwiches, and so on. You can also buy beers, soft drinks, and wines from the café. There is also a small building at Hotel Gellert where you can try out a full course meal. You are also going to find some nice places where you can eat that are not far from the Bath. One of them is the café Hadik which is a stunning historical café and restaurant and it there is a quirky bar also attached to it.

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